Reducing Supply Chain Risk Starts With a Product in Human Hands


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“The Black Box for Products™”


Coming in 2019
Augmented Product Tracking

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After over a decade at every level in the construction supply chain, Keyturn was born in 2014. For the past 5 years we’ve traveled the globe to reinvent and standardize how building products get selected, priced, contracted, ordered, tracked, installed and paid for to improve how people and businesses experience the industry, how we impact our planet and how the money flows.

We've practically lived in manufacturing and distribution facilities, large scale multi-family construction projects and in the Innovation Lab of Harvard Business School to making our home in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2018, while designing and building our product tracking system and platform, Keyturn solved one of the greatest unsolved challenges in supply chain technology today...affordable real-time product tracking with irrefutable proof of delivery. What that means is that with the use of Keyturn’s technology platform, shippers, transportation providers, and receivers can gain proof of pickup and delivery of the correct items with complete confidence. In 2019, Keyturn will be privately BETA testing this platform with some of the nation’s largest manufacturers, distributors, and shipping companies. The Keyturn Platform is designed to enable all stakeholders in a supply chain to connect, engage, and transact securely and seamlessly in a standardized workflow to provide real-time visibility and efficiency gains never before possible.

Why a Public Benefit Corporation?

Keyturn was born to reduce human suffering in business and positively serve people and the planet while enabling profits businesses only dream of as we radically enable waste reduction. We celebrate the small to medium sized businesses of America and the world, and we will empower them. They are the heartbeat of both our nation and the global economy.

It’s time for change.
We’re bringing it.